5x30 Storage Guide

5x30 Storage Unit Sizing

A 5×30 storage unit offers a long and narrow 150 square feet of storage space. This unit is ideal for items that are longer in length but do not require a lot of width. This includes items such as bikes, mattresses, filing cabinets, tall furniture, etc. The narrow length of this unit also makes it great for shelving that can be used to organize business inventory, clothing, or other personal items. 

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5x30 Storage Unit

What Can You Fit in a 5x30 Storage Unit?

Recreational Equipment

A 5×30 storage unit is excellent for storing large recreational equipment. This includes some of those longer items like canoes, kayaks, surfboards, and paddle boards. It is also perfect for storing all kinds of bikes and scooters. With this size unit, you can move these bulky items out of your garage to a place that is secure until you need them next. 

Business Inventory

For business owners, a 5×30 unit provides the perfect space to store boxes full of inventory. Depending on what you sell, you could add shelving units against the wall, clothing racks, or cubbies to organize your products. With this long and narrow unit, you will be able to walk in and have your products organized in a hallway style. 

Household Furniture

A 5×30 storage unit is perfect for storing long household items that you don’t have space for or that need to be kept safe while you move. You can store mattresses, bed frames, long dining room tables, book shelves, media units, and more. These furniture items can be awkward to store but this size unit is perfect for them. 

Construction Materials & Tools

For those who work in construction, a 5×30 unit offers a great solution for storing long materials and tools. These narrow units are ideal for storing construction materials such as long ladders, scaffolding pieces, long pipes, lumber, and other building materials in an organized manner. Long tools like levels, measuring rods, and other construction equipment will also fit well in this unit.


Seasonal Equipment

A 5×30 unit can help keep your home organized by storing seasonal items that you don’t use every day. This could include long holiday decorations, like string lights and outdoor displays. Sports equipment such as snowboards, skis, basketball hoops, golf clubs, surfboards, and more. You could even store your gardening tools, such as shovels and lawn mowers, during the winter to help declutter your space.

Clothing and Personal Items

If you have lots of clothing or personal items that you don’t have space for or don’t want to get rid of, our 5×30 units provide a space to safe keep and organize your belongings. If you are downsizing, you can set up clothing racks to store pieces you don’t wear every day, like bulky jackets, outfits for special occasions, shoes, and more. For families, if you are looking to keep clothes or toys to be passed down to other family members, or have memorabilia you want to be kept in a safe space, these units are perfect for you as well.