5X15 Storage Guide

5x15 Storage Unit Sizing

Our 5×15 storage units offer 75 square feet of storage space. These units are perfect for storing the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or for keeping larger items like furniture. 

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5x15 Storage Unit

What Can You Fit in a 5x15 Storage Unit?


A 5×15 storage unit is an excellent choice for professionals like contractors, landscapers, and painters who need a secure place to store their work-related tools and equipment. The unit can accommodate larger tools such as ladders, saws, drills, paint sprayers, and lawn care equipment. It’s also suitable for storing toolboxes, workbenches, and other supplies essential for your trade.


This unit size can comfortably hold medium-sized furniture items such as a queen-sized bed, dresser, dining table, and chairs. It’s ideal for those looking to store furniture during a move or home renovation.

Exercise & Sports Equipment

Exercise and sports equipment can take up a lot of space in your home. If you’re looking to free up space, a 5×15 unit can safely store items like treadmills, stationary bikes, weight benches, yoga mats, and more. If you’re an athlete or have family members who play sports, these units are also great for storing gear during the off-season. 

Business Supplies

For small business owners, a 5×15 unit is great for storing office furniture, extra electronics, supplies, or excess inventory. Our storage units allow you to keep your workspace organized while still having easy access to your items when you need them. Our facilities are monitored by video surveillance, so you can rest assured that your important business-related tools are always being looked over. 

Personal Collections

Many of our personal collections don’t need to be accessed every day, but they can take up a lot of space. Whether you collect antiques, art, or have boxes of family photos and documents, our storage units are the perfect place to keep the items safe and to declutter your home. 

Outdoor Recreation

A 5×15 storage unit is great for those who are looking to store their camping and hiking gear. This could include tents, sleeping bags, suit cases, back packs, kayaks, hiking poles, camping stoves, and more. You can clear up your home garage space while having easy access to these items when you need them next.