Self Storage for Contractors

Self Storage Garages for Contractors in North Carolina

Self Storage Brothers is your go-to destination for affordable and secure storage solutions. We understand the unique storage needs that come with the contracting business, whether it’s securely housing large equipment, storing bulk materials, or keeping your tools and supplies in a well-organized space.

Our facilities are equipped with round-the-clock video surveillance and gated access, ensuring the highest level of security for your valuable assets. Additionally, our well-lit premises provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to access your storage unit at any hour.

At Self Storage Brothers, we offer a range of storage unit sizes to accommodate everything from small tools to large machinery, all at affordable rates. Our online payment system makes booking a unit hassle-free. Contact us directly to learn more about how we can support your storage needs as a contractor.

What Can a Contractor Store in Our Self Storage Garages?

Construction Equipment

We have large units that offer 500–2000 square feet of storage space. These units can be used to store larger equipment like forklifts, mini excavators, scaffolding, concrete mixers, and more. This space is ideal for storing various machinery that may not be in daily use.


If you are a contractor and are finding you are running out of space to store work related tools, our storage units are the secure solution. Our facilities are gated and monitored by 24/7 video surveillance, so you can rest assured that your expensive and valuable tools are kept safe. 

Files and Documents

As a contractor, you likely have many important contracts, documents, and files that need to be organized and kept safe. Our storage unit allows you to archive these papers in a space that won’t be disturbed and can be easily accessed when you need it.

Seasonal Equipment

For many contractors, the services they offer will differ throughout the seasons. If you are a landscaper, offer property maintenance services, or offer services that can only be done during certain months, our self storage units are the perfect place to securely store tools and equipment when they’re not needed. 

Bulk Materials

Buying work-related materials in bulk is often cheaper. However, this leads to the need for a secure place to store for these materials. Our self storage units are an affordable solution to keep your bulk materials safe until you need them. 

Business Expansion

If your client list and the services you offer are growing, our storage units are there to help you stay organized. Whether you’ve landed a large construction project or need a little extra space to store new tools, we have a unit size that can accommodate your needs.

Our Unit Sizes

Small Units

Our small storage units, available in 5×5, 5×10, and 5×15, are ideal for contractors who have extra tools, files, and documents that they need a safe space to store. 

5x5 Unit

5x10 Unit

5x15 Unit

Medium Units

Our medium storage units, available in sizes 10×10, 10×15, and 10×20, are great for contractors are looking for a space to store excess tools, smaller equipment, or construction materials. 

10x10 Unit

10x15 Unit

10x20 Unit

Large Units

Our large storage units are offered in 10×25 and 10×30 sizes. If you are a contractor and your business is growing, you purchase work materials in bulk, have construction equipment, or anything in between, our large units are the storage solution for you.

10x25 Unit

10x30 Unit

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